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Whether you’re a novice or seasoned runner, Run Trainer supports your journey with real-time audio feedback to help you build stamina. Monitor your progress and consistently close those progress rings—session after session.

Run Trainer offer a variety of training distances and customizable schedules. Progress from a couch to 5K, advance from 5K to 10K, push from 10K to 15K, and challenge yourself from 15K to a half marathon. Discover the perfect features and plan for your fitness level and goals.

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Experienced runners

Are you an experienced runner aiming to optimize your distance and pace? Run Trainer is here to support your journey with tailored training plans for up to a half marathon, a customizable schedule creator, and advanced diagnostic tools to enhance your performance.

Whether you’re maintaining a high-intensity routine or preparing for your next race, Run Trainer is your ideal training companion and tracker. Start optimizing your runs today!

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Crafted for runners, by runners. Like the miles you log, our app improves with every update. We’re dedicated to enhancing your running experience with innovative features, support for the latest technology, and integration with Apple Watch. Whether you’re starting your first mile or training for a marathon, our app keeps you motivated and moving forward.

Experience the difference today—download our app from the App Store and hit the ground running!

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