Experienced runner

Experienced runners

Are you an experienced runner aiming to optimize your distance and pace? Run Trainer is here to support your journey with tailored training plans for up to a half marathon, a customizable schedule creator, and advanced diagnostic tools to enhance your performance.

Whether you’re maintaining a high-intensity routine or preparing for your next race, Run Trainer is your ideal training companion and tracker. Start optimizing your runs today!

Run Trainer helps improving your running as a experienced runner. As an experienced runner you already run between 5- and 10K without taking a break (or walk) or compete in  running events, but you might still  want to step up the pace to beat your personal record. This is where Run trainer steps in and helps you during your training (or during your event!)

Run Trainer offers several features for the experienced runner to gain speed and in-depth knowledge about your run. With our Pro features you’ll be able to analyse your run with our speedmap option, get audio feedback during the run and see your pace step by step.

Beyond the detailed insights, we keep you motivated with awards in the Run Trainer achievement cabinet, including ribbons, medals, and trophies for reaching new milestones and personal bests.

So what are you waiting for? Start improving, start using Run Trainer for iOS.

Written by Run Trainer.

Run Trainer is your personal running app helping start running or improve your running. With the build 5K, 10K, 15K or half marathon training plans, you'll be guided during your training while listening to your favourite music. Already an experience runner? Create your own training plan or track your next race with the Race mode.

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