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Run Trainer is created by and for beginning runners. Every runner starts at a point you can’t run a lot and need to build up stamina to run for 5K. The best way to get you motivated is by being coached and even after a few times you want to run more. For this reason, we created Run Trainer.

Run Trainer is the a running coach app available for iOS and Android that helps you get started and keeps you motivated to keep running. In 10 weeks you will be able to run for at least 5K and might even assist you towards a half marathon (experienced running).

To start running, you only need to download the mobile app and create a profile to keep track of your progress.

Start running with Run Trainer

5K Training plan

Learn to run 5K in 10 weeks time with your virtual personal coach.

Audio feedback

Get audio feedback during your training.

Watch your progress

See your stats during or after training in detail.

Start running today.

Learning to run can’t be easier then listening to your own music and get instructions during your workout. Start running with Run Trainer, download the app for iOS or Android and follow the 5K training plan.

Start running today
Download the Run Trainer app.

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