Start running

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned runner, Run Trainer supports your journey with real-time audio feedback to help you build stamina. Monitor your progress and consistently close those progress rings—session after session.

Run Trainer offer a variety of training distances and customizable schedules. Progress from a couch to 5K, advance from 5K to 10K, push from 10K to 15K, and challenge yourself from 15K to a half marathon. Discover the perfect features and plan for your fitness level and goals.

Tailored for All Runners

Run Trainer is created by runners, for runners. It will guide you from being out of breath after a few hundred yards to running distances you never imagined possible. The best way to get you running is with a little help from your digital coach, ready whenever you are, no matter the time or weather. After the first few weeks of getting used to the sport, you’ll want to run more and more. That’s why we created Run Trainer.

Ultimate running coach

Run Trainer is the ultimate running coach app available for iOS that helps you get started and keeps you motivated to keep running. Each schedule takes 10 weeks to complete and guides you up to a half marathon, perfect for experienced runners.

To start running, simply download the mobile app and create a profile to track your progress.

Written by Run Trainer.

Run Trainer is your personal running app helping start running or improve your running. With the build 5K, 10K, 15K or half marathon training plans, you'll be guided during your training while listening to your favourite music. Already an experience runner? Create your own training plan or track your next race with the Race mode.

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