About running schedules

No matter the reason (or level) you go running, a schedule can help you out when you are looking to improve and get the most out of every session.


Running during the summer

When you are a runner you are faced with a lot of different weather conditions. The summer of 2018 will not soon be forgotten in Europe.


Start with running – the basics

So you decided now, you want to pick up the sport of running. To make a headstart you look up some articles about how to get going..

Running your first race

Running for your first race

When you start with the running sport you might already want to train for a local running event or have the ambition to take the sport to a global level!

What is jogging
5k to 10k training plan

What is jogging and how fast is it?

In short, jogging means moving faster then walking, but slower then running. Sounds simple, right?

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