0 KM to 5 KM - Week 7 - Lesson 19

Running on asphalt or dirt roads

It is almost a certainty that, when you..

Running training types

The most interesting types of running workouts

We can safely say that every runner has there own target they want to hit. As a beginner, these are not that different yet, but once..

0 KM to 5 KM - Week 4 - Lesson 10

About running schedules

No matter the reason (or level) you go running, a schedule can help you out when you are looking to improve and get the most out of every session.


Running during the summer

When you are a runner you are faced with a lot of different weather conditions. The summer of 2018 will not soon be forgotten in Europe.

0 KM to 5 KM - Week 1 - Lesson 01

Start with running – the basics

So you decided now, you want to pick up the sport of running. To make a headstart you look up some articles about how to get going..

Running your first race
5 KM to 10 KM – Week 4 – Lesson 10

Running for your first race

When you start with the running sport you might already want to train for a local running event or have the ambition to take the sport to a global level!

What is jogging
0 KM to 5 KM - Week 10 - Lesson 28

What is jogging and how fast is it?

In short, jogging means moving faster then walking, but slower then running. Sounds simple, right?

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