Version 5.1 – Completely renewed the app, fade music and more

Run Trainer 5.1 is now available as update in the App Store!

Run Trainer version 5.1

Good news everyone!

Today we share the information regarding the upcoming update of Run Trainer version 5.1, available now for all iOS runners.

What can you expect from Run Trainer version 5.1:

Completely rebuild app supporting the latest technology

Since 2010 we’ve been updating the app with new features. In order to keep innovating and supporting future iOS versions we needed to recode the app completely. We are happy to announce version 5.1 has been updated to the latest SWIFT version and will help us to continue improving the app.

As a user, you won’t necessarily notice any changes, but this is a big milestone for Run Trainer. Recoding the app took a lot of time, effort and helps us to work on new features features. It will run smoother then ever by putting a lot less stress on your phones processing power.

Fading music of Spotify / Apple Music / Podcasts (feature improvement) with voice guidance.

We received a lot of (positive) feedback via our support channel. One of the features you requested was an improvement in the voice guidance when using spotify / apple music or podcasts. In 5.1 we added a fade to the music in the background so you will notice and hear the guide better.

Completion “0 of 30 training sessions completed” (bugfix)

When we update the training plan, the completion counter in your training center went to 0 instead of showing the right number that you completed. This bug is fixed.

Facebook improvements

Facebook made some changes in their login / register method. Run Trainer 5.1 has the latest Facebook tech build in so you can keep logging in with your Facebook account or register a free RunTrainer account in seconds.

Release notes

As you might have noticed, this is the first time we are sharing the information regarding the upcoming (iOS) update through the portal. We are going to keep doing so to keep our users up to date about the latests developments.

We received a lot of mails with questions related to future releases. All we can say is to bookmark the website and check up on its updates. We will share everything that is worth mentioning.

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Want to receive the newest (BETA) version?

Can’t wait to start running with the newest version? One that other people can’t use yet! We are sending out the latest BETA versions to a select group of users to test before is goes public. If you want to sign up for BETA testing you can apply using the following form:

If you are one of the lucky users you’ll receive an invite to install the newest version soon. All we ask from you is to drop us an email with your personal experience regarding the new versions.