Version 5.3 – Halfway warning, treadmill option and more.

Run Trainer 5.3 is now available as update in the App Store!

Run Trainer version 5.3
Halfway warning, treadmill option and more.

In our last update (version 5.2) we mainly focussed on supporting the new iOS 10 update. In the next update we go back to what we love, introducing new features to improve the app. In version 5.3 you can expect three big and brand new features and also minor one to make your running life easier.

Run Trainer 5.3

What can you expect from Run Trainer version 5.3:

New features:

Halfway point notification
Know when your halfway during your training

This was the most requested feature we received via in-app feedback. If you start a lesson, you just follow the instructions and hope to finish the lesson in front of your home. In Run Trainer 5.3 you will now receive a ‘halfway there’ audio warning during your training so you can turn back towards home and finish almost at your front door.

Running indoor

Run Trainer is mainly focussed on running outside. We calculate your distance, average speed / pace and calories via GPS. When you run on a treadmill you stay on the same position, so there is no GPS data to use. This used to result in a distance of 0km / miles of running when finishing your lesson. In version 5.3 you will be able to use the treadmill option. This means you can adjust the distance / average speed for your treadmill run! Never stop never stopping!

Redo lesson
Restart your training (plan)

You might have stopped running for a while and want start again after a while. To keep track of your progress you want to remove the ‘checkmarks’ in the training center and start over. In version 5.3 you will be able to redo a specific training by swiping it to the left, or redo the complete training plan by tapping the redo button in the top corner. All checkmarks will be removed and you can start fresh.

Feature improvement:

Statistics paging:
Loading your training sessions faster

If you’re running with Run Trainer for a long time you might have noticed loading all your statistics in the statistics overview will take a while after you made up a big log of runs. We improved the statistics overview by loading training sessions in portions. This way you don’t have to wait until all your training sessions are loaded in one time. If you want to view an older training session, just scroll down to load more sessions.


Avatar upload
Making your profile more personal

You can upload your avatar again via profile > tap on the circle > and save.

Pace overview
Checkyour pace when finishing a training session

Run Trainer has a pace overview feature which you can check after finishing a training session. The overview is now fixed and older training sessions are working again.

This sums up all the improvements for this version.

Why these features?

As noted, we receive lots of feedback from our users with great ideas to improve the app. All the ideas are being kept safe and prioritized on lists for future releases. This version was all about introducing the top 3 most requested features and we continue to update the app with requested features.

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Currently we are waiting for Apple to approve this update so it will be available for you to download as an update. Keep an I out for the update or check the news in the Run Trainer app.

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