10 reasons to start running (with Run Trainer)

We tend to use more and more apps for a variety of tasks. Our phones used to be simple tools for storing contacts, making calculations, and playing the occasional game of Snake during our downtime. But now? If you forget your phone, you might not even know where you should be that day! Ordering food, navigating foreign cities and playing a full 3D Call of duty, our phones do it all. So, it’s no surprise that they can also be our personal trainers, tracking every detail of our workouts. And if your sport of choice happens to be running, then “Run Trainer” might be just the app for you. But if you haven’t considered running as a sport, let me enlighten you with the top 10 joys of running.

I will keep it short, so you can go for a quick run afterwards:

  1. Release of Endorphins: Running stimulates the release of endorphins, nature’s mood lifters. These chemicals combat feelings of depression and give you a euphoric sensation often referred to as the ‘Runner’s High’.
  2. Weight Management: Engaging in sports burns calories. Running, in particular, can torch a significant number, leading to weight loss or maintenance. Numerous stories attest to transformative changes in physique thanks to running.
  3. Better Cardiovascular Health: Your heart, like any muscle, benefits from a good workout. Regular running can promote better circulation and a healthier heart.
  4. Mental Improvements and Time to Think: Running offers a chance to declutter your mind. It provides an opportunity to ponder unresolved issues and allocate some “mind budget” to problem-solving.
  5. Boosted Self-Esteem and Confidence: Completing a run or a training week feels rewarding. Achieving milestones like a 5K boosts your confidence and shows you that you’re capable of more than you might have believed. This might well go beyond running from that point on.
  6. Social and Community Bonds: Even solo runners form a bond with others on the trail. A simple wave or greeting can foster a sense of community. Achieving running milestones also opens doors to participate in communal events. The moment you are serious about running, you are one of the runners.
  7. Connection with Nature: Running outdoors offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of fall or the blossoming of spring, running is a form of ‘meditation in motion’.
  8. Become Creative: If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, a run might be just what you need. It offers a break from the routine, allowing fresh ideas to flow. Blockades can seem to disappear on the trail.
  9. Discipline: Achieving running goals requires discipline. Pushing yourself to run even on tough days proves that you’re capable of commitment and perseverance. This discipline can and most likely will  translate to other areas of life.
  10. Better Sleep: Regular physical activity, like running, should improve the quality of your sleep. This, in turn, enhances mood, cognitive function, and overall well-being.

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Written by Run Trainer.

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