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Live running guide

Welcome to the Run Trainer in-app Blog, our command center for delivering information about this sport and the app itself directly to you. We have integrated our blog here because running is, as weird as it might sound, not only about the running itself. You might be frowning at the screen right now, allow me to explain that statement.

As with everything, approaching something with knowledge that goes beyond the basics, will give you a direct edge and thus allow to get the most out of every minute spend doing an activity. Sounds great right? Well, by running smart we mean the most stamina gained per run, the best body enhancements when it comes to losing weight and/or gaining muscle and of course keeping away from those nasty injuries.

If we know how and why our bodies react as they do to certain types of strain and rest, we can use that to our advantage. And of course apply a bit of common sense to the mix… So this is why we wanted to introduce this section right into the app experience.

Now we are not the holy grail of information and we will never state to be. But we do keep up with the trends and have a serious runner in our midst. So we publish shorts posts about the types of training session you could try, how to run safely outside when it’s dark or, new functions in the app, polls and more interesting/fun stuff regarding the sport and the app itself. Always keep in mind that the schedules and articles not tailored made and apply common sense for your own health.

We will use your current schedules to propose the best articles for you and in the future we will use some of your info and stats from the app to best supply the right articles. So have fun and get the most of of every mile you run with Run Trainer!

Written by Run Trainer.

Mobile Product Manager by day, runner by night. Robin is one of the founders of the Run Trainer app and started running back in 2012. With a mix of his personal running experience and as a proffesional mobile app manager he tries to thrive the best UX and innovation to Run Trainer.