Start your Running journey… now!

So you want to start running? Drawn in by its convenience, low-cost entry, and oh-so-tempting flexibility? Can’t blame you, it’s one of the easiest sports to dive into… but let me tell you, it’s also one of the toughest to stick with. A bit of a head-scratcher, I know, given I just sang its praises, but allow me to explain this paradox.

Since you don’t need to sign your life away on a 12-month gym membership, the escape route is always just a lazy Sunday away. And since you don’t have teammates guilt-tripping you into filling a position on the pitch, no one’s going to give you the stink eye for pulling a no-show. Plus, with the ability to run anytime, anywhere, procrastination can sneak up on you, whispering, “Ah, you can always run tomorrow“.

But fear not! All you need to pull off this running gig is a good dose of motivation and a hearty serving of self-discipline. As you tackle more miles, these qualities become less of an added bonus and more of an essential survival skill, because those long sessions won’t take “I’m tired” for an answer.

So buckle up, aspiring runners! Here are a few tips to keep your motivation tank full, even after the most stressful of days.

Start when the weather’s just right

Running your first 3K might feel like a cakewalk, especially if you’re no stranger to physical activity. But let me tell you, when the weather gods aren’t in your favor, your newfound running enthusiasm could be washed away faster than you can say “rain check“. Think about it – chilling rain, icy wind, or the harsh sun turning you into a well-done steak on a summer day? No thank you!

So, time your first few runs when the weather is more of a friendly sidekick than a spiteful villain. After all, you’re already signing up to learn a new sport. No need to do it while wrestling Mother Nature or risking a heat stroke.

Get comfy in your running gear

Sure, if you decide to make running a serious part of your life, you’ll have to shell out some cash for proper gear. Good quality shoes that provide the right support are non-negotiable. But for the first few weeks, as you dip your toes into this new adventure and see if you’re ready for at least a 3-month commitment, you can probably get by with what’s already in your closet.

Just make sure whatever you wear doesn’t sabotage your efforts. If your shoes leak like a rusty sieve or your shirt starts to chafe your skin, your run will quickly turn into a torture session. Believe me, such irritations have the power to turn even the most easy-going person into a multilingual curse machine. So keep comfort at the forefront!

Start your Running journey… now!

Nothing like a good old house chore to make running seem like a breezy adventure, right? Strike a deal with your spouse or kids involving a task you’d rather avoid. Maybe it’s vacuuming, doing dishes, or becoming the designated Sunday chef. If you hit the pavement three times a week, they’re on chore duty. But beware, if you chicken out without a legit reason, brace yourself for a house cleaning marathon followed by a housemade meal for five, all on your lazy Sunday. So, it’s either lace-up those sneakers or face the dreaded mop. Plus, your household gets a kick out of being part of your running journey. Everyone wins!

PRO-TIP, register for a running event!

Get yourself committed to a local running event like a 5K fun run. Fork out the 10 bucks, mark the date in your calendar, and let the countdown begin. This becomes your D-Day to flaunt all the progress you’ve made. And hey, nothing screams accomplishment like a shiny medal or ribbon waiting for you at the finish line!

So, ready to hit the ground running? Download Run Trainer for iOS and kickstart your running journey today! Or tomorrow… wait, NO, TODAY! Because there’s no day like today to start becoming the best version of yourself. Let’s do this!

Written by Run Trainer.

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