10 KM to 15 KM – Week 4 – Lesson 11

Endurance training

The endurance training is meant to keep you running at a stable speed without taking any sort of brakes from this. If you are still at a beginner level (5K) then you should be looking at around 30 min of running. When you get to the level of going for a marathon then this should be at around 2,5 – 3 hours at a steady pace. If you are getting started then that will sound insane, but if you are serious about getting there you might be surprised at how quickly this will seem a lot let impossible then it might now sound.

Example of a endurance run:

  • Jog 30 minutes

Tips for beginners going for endurance training:

  • Go easy on yourself. The goals it to finish and a lot less about the number of miles you ran, this will increase in time.
  • Focus on your stature. Keep your feet high, do not drag your feet. Lower your hands so the blood flow is optimal.
  • Eat within an hour after the training so the body recovers faster.
  • Dress for the weather. Don’t let things happen like the rain cooling you down to much.

Tips for the experienced runner going for the endurance run:

  • Schedule the run for a day where you don’t have a lot going on. You won’t need to stop too soon and you can use the daylight.
  • Drink enough water the day before you go.
  • Keep that steady speed, let your body burn the fat so your body will be able to work with you along a longer run.
  • Take some carry-on water bottle with you. You will lose a lot of fluids and they need to be replenished. Also on a warm day, it cools you down.
  • Take something to eat with you. If you are going for a really long run some special nutritious gels can really help or even wine gums.
  • Take some money or other means of payment with you. If something happens and you need to stop, you can take the metro/bus/taxi home.
  • Use a tracker on your phone to let someone at home monitor your whereabouts so they can check if everything is going well.
  • Run more endurance workouts

There are are several endurance workouts. Also read:

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