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Run Trainer Version 5.4 – Clearer payments, iOS 11 / SWIFT3 support and more.

We have released a new version for Run Trainer to improve upon existing functions and introduce a few new ones. Most notably are the encryption enhancements and the new payment model with a subscription fee.

New features:

  • New, clearer payments structure
  • Introducing PRO subscriptions

First of all, all bought in-apps will remain available to their buyers!
That said we received feedback form our user related to our payment structure. The app has grown a lot in the last years and so did the features sets. Because we wanted our users to only buy what they seemed necessary to improve themselves we created different in-apps so you would have the choice. As the app grew these become more and more and it caused some confusion for some users that let us know they prefer a simple solution of 1 buy all features, thank you for that!

So now we made it simple again. a subscription model that comes with 3 simple choices. 1 month, 3 months or 1 year and it opens every function in Run Trainer immediate. Bye bye confusing in-apps, hello simple solution…

Swift 3 & iOS 11 support
Preparing for the future

Apple updates their coding language and we support the newest version again. This will add greater stability to Run Trainer. This has also brought back the option to use the 30 and 45 seconds option in MyPlan again, so get to making those schedules in the app again!

Better safety for your Run Trainer account
Improved security

We have always encrypted the user accounts, but we have made some new improvements to update these layers of protection again. The cloud accounts are very important so we treat these with much care.

We hope that these improvements once again make you happy to be part of Run Trainer and we love to see the feedback you can provide us on [email protected] or use our Facebook page. Have fun running!

Written by Run Trainer.