Update 5.1 — Info Center

Dear runners, we have some big plans in 2019 and this update is the first of many to follow in 2019. We have integrated our blogs into the app itself and it will show the right articles according to your progress. We will be fine-tuning this system all year and keep adding new articles of course.

Why would we think this is a good idea? Because by knowing what you’re doing and why our bodies respond the way they do better we can maximize the results. So same input = more output when we are educated on the subject. When you enter the training center, on top you will now see articles that should correspond with your progress within the app.

Next, to the info center, there are some small fixes for the stability and we already have some of the basics for the next big update.

So have fun while running and learn more about it while standing still. Run Trainer keeps improving and we have 2 major updates planned for early 2019 already in development.

Please write to us when you have feedback, want to become a BETA tester or just to share some ideas with us at [email protected] We might not always be able to respond, but we read EVERY mail!

Written by Run Trainer.

Mobile Product Manager by day, runner by night. Robin is one of the founders of the Run Trainer app and started running back in 2012. With a mix of his personal running experience and as a proffesional mobile app manager he tries to thrive the best UX and innovation to Run Trainer.