Run Trainer updates

Update 7.3

Run Trainer iOS v7.3 is another step towards the full redesign we are currently developing for the app. This update features the following additions:

  1. Improved lesson Overview
  2. Better switching running outside or inside (treadmill feature)
  3. GPS signal strength indication
  1. Updated design for the detailed overview so it’s easier to see all the steps just before you start the session.
  2. The option to run either outside or inside (treadmill mode) is now displayed more clearly after we received feedback about this. The button placement has been changed and a new pop-up to confirm your choice has been added. After choosing this option it will again show you how to enter the run details for this session instead of the GPS information.
  3. The GPS overlay will inform you of the GPS signal strength.

We hope you will enjoy the new features and the fresh design that will pop on the newest displays while showing the relevant information when you need it. We are already working on 7.4 with more design updates and some nice new features.

Download now for iOS and start running!

Popout Oudoor mode Run Trainer
New Popout treadmill mode Run Trainer

Written by swassink.