RunTrainer Pro

RunTrainer is created for beginners and experienced runners to improve their running. With the build-in training plans you’ll be able learn to run a certain distance and see your basic stats after finishing a training. To help you analyse and improve your training we introduced RunTrainer Pro.

RunTrainer Pro enables several new features when using the mobile app. This package includes the Speedmap, Pace overview, and Audio feedback – Free Run features.


When you finish your run you’ll see a coloured route with several colors. The colors (red, orange, green and red) indicate your speed and shows you where you went slower or faster. Analysing the speedmap to improve your running.

Learn more about the Speedmap.

Pace overview

If you want to improve your running you need to pay attention to your pace. Try to keep your pace steady and stick to your training plan. After finishing a run you can view a complete list of your pace and see the differences.>

Learn more about the Pace overview.

Audio feedback – Free Run

Recieving audio feedback during a race may come in handy when you want to break that PR. With the audio feedback feature for free run you can setup alerts every X minutes or KM or when reaching a certain goal.

Learn more about Audio feedback for Free Run.

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