Pace overview

Pace overview

As an experienced runner you might be training to get faster and/or run further. Your goal could be to finish a certain distance or even break your personal record. The key element to achieve this is focussing on your pace (#).

What does pace mean?

Pace means how fast you’re running a kilometer or mile in minutes. For example, running a pace of 5:30 min/km (minutes per kilometer) means you are running 10.91 km per hour. With a pace of 5.30 you’ll finish a 5K in about 27:30.

Pace overview in Run Trainer

Personal training plans

Most (personal) training plan have indications on a certain pace to complete your goal. If you want to break a personal record you’ll need to train to gain in pace. One of the best ways to do so is to check with your Run Trainer app open during your run (how much KMPH am I currently running?) and use the Pace overview afterwards.

The pace overview is a list of your average pace per km or miles of the total training. You can check after your run if your pace was steady and where you went to fast or slower. We keep track of your average and work out where you went slower or faster. Don’t worry, we have done the math!

One of the things most people see in the beginning is a lot of pace in the start and then the line goes quickly to red (slower) because they start to fast not leaving enough energy later on in the run. Keeping the same pace is a must for every event or just when building up your level of running, bringing it up slowly is the best way (we call this last one a negative split (#).

When creating an Run Trainer account you’ll get a 7 day trial period where you can try out all features of Run Trainer, including the pace overview. This feature is enabled during your trial and is optional to unlocked after the trial.

The pace overview is one of the Pro features pack that Run Trainer offers. You can unlock the Pace overview combined with the speed map (#) and Free Run audio feedback (#).

We welcome the feedback of our users to keep improving features like the speed map. You can contact us in the app via the Info button the Dashboard.

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