Run Trainer Pro: Speedmap

Completing a training is great, but knowing how you did afterwards is even better in the long run. Did you run to fast in the beginnen slowing down later or was your pace steady? What part of the route was hard, where can I improve my tactics? All this info is visible with the colored line on the map that we call the “speed map” in pur Pro feature pack.

The speed map offers a quick view on how you performed throughout your whole training (or race!). You can analyse where you ran, jogged or walked and also see where your speed went a bit faster or slower than average.

Speedmap in Run Trainer

When is the speed map the best used?

The Speed Map helps with a Free Run (like an event), and longer distance runs like the more advanced training schedules from the build-in training plans. Even as a beginner it helps you quickly scan how your training is going, even when running only 5 minutes straight!

What do the colors mean on the speed map?

Green = Above your average speed
Yellow = Your average speed
Orange = Under your average speed
Red = Far under your average speed (would mostly indicate walking or standing still)

As an example: A 15K hill race

During a 15K race I was trying to run the same pace. As the course went uphill my pace went a bit down which can be seen on the map by the yellow parts. When I had to climb the highest hill my pace went down even more resulting in orange and red lines. After climbing the highest hill the course changed to running downhill what created the green line.

Green = Running downhill
Yellow = Running uphill/downhill
Orange = Climbing higher hill
Red = Climbing highest hill

Speedmap Example
When creating an Run Trainer account you’ll get a 7 day trial period where you can try out all features of Run Trainer, including the speedmap. This feature is enabled during your trial and is optional to unlocked after your trial ended.

The pace overview is one of the Pro features pack that Run Trainer offers. You can unlock the Pace overview combined with the speed map (#) and Free Run audio feedback (#).

We welcome the feedback of our users to keep improving features like the speed map. You can contact us in the app via the Info button the Dashboard.

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