Be a motivated runner throughout 2024, 25, 26…

This could easily rank in the top three hardest aspects of running. It’s a challenge common to all sports, but the very freedom inherent in running also poses the greatest risk of losing once-motivated participants. Let’s explore some strategies to maintain your motivation, especially when it’s tough to hit the pavement repeatedly.

Firstly, you need to appreciate the essence of the sport. There are many reasons to love running, but it’s crucial to be at least content with the act of running itself. Once this box is ticked, we can proceed.

Many people start running for specific yet somewhat vague reasons – a New Year’s resolution or a weight loss goal, for example. While it’s great to have a ‘Eureka’ moment, it’s also important to develop a detailed plan to sustain that initial motivation. Let’s share some ideas that could help you not only achieve your goals but surpass them.

Track and Save Your Statistics

Yes, we offer an app that records your running statistics, so this advice might seem biased. However, we genuinely believe in the value of what we and our competitors offer. Tracking your progress (or identifying areas for improvement) is crucial, as humans crave tangible evidence of their efforts. In fitness, you see more defined muscles; in Karate, you earn different colored belts; in football, victories are marked by scores.

When you start running, you’ll likely use an app to monitor distance, pace, and time. Watching these numbers improve can be incredibly motivating. Additionally, this data helps you enhance your running skills over time. Or you want to enter a 10K race and need to know when it’s time to enter. So, keep a record, whether it’s with Run Trainer or another app (though we’d recommend Run Trainer, if you ask us).

Get Some Private Time or Find a Running Buddy

Many runners enjoy the solitude of the sport. They lose themselves in their favorite music, temporarily escaping daily life’s stresses. This cherished time could become important for you too. Initially, you might be constantly checking your stats or skipping through your playlist to find your Powersong. But as running becomes second nature, you can drift away, appreciate your surroundings, and find your zen.

Alternatively, some runners thrive on having a companion. Find someone who’s as reliant on you as you are on them. This accountability ensures you stick to your Tuesday and Friday runs. It’s an opportunity to chat, laugh, and motivate each other when the going gets tough.

Both approaches are excellent motivators, or even a blend of the two. Discover what works for you and run with it.

Discover the World of Neuroscience

Neuroscience reveals numerous benefits of running, such as endorphin release, muscle growth, and increased energy. Our bodies are designed for exercise, so our brains reward us for being active. Despite the comforts of modern life making us less inclined to move, our fundamental nature urges us to stay active. Explore credible sources on this topic; it might just become a significant part of your life that goes far beyond just running.

Love Nature

Immerse yourself in nature, appreciate its beauty, and breathe in the fresh air away from cars. Explore parks and forests – a green grassy oasis in March or the dreamy, brown landscapes of a September forest. Don’t limit yourself to the streets around your house; there’s a whole natural world waiting for you.

Project the Post-Run Feeling Before Starting

If you’re struggling to start, recall how you felt after your last run – the satisfaction, that sense of accomplishment. This memory can motivate you to lace up your sneakers, knowing you’ve earned the right to relax afterward, whether it’s scrolling through your phone, watching a show, or playing video games. You now get guilt-free time to mess around if you please.

You Are Allowed to Take It Easy

It’s common to start with lofty ambitions: “I’ll run every day, set records, look muscular, and wow everyone with my willpower.” But remember, consistency is key in sports. It’s better to run three times a week for 30 minutes than to overdo it with two-hour sessions daily. The law of diminishing returns will  kick in quickly and it will be a strain on your life. Also, how many people do you know who started intensely and maintained it after six months, let alone two years?

Almost no one keeps up such a rigorous regime, and they shouldn’t – even professional athletes need rest. Build a schedule that fits your life, aiming for sustainability over three years. Take it easy and enjoy the journey.

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Written by Run Trainer.

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